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Texas Film Incentives Give You 

Save Money In Bastrop

Up to 22.5% back on Qualified Productions

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The Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program

Ok, that's a lot of words, so let's shorten it to TMIIIP.

In 2018 our Texas Incentive Program grew in funding and if your production qualifies you can save up to 22.5%!

What qualifies?  Thanks for asking! All sorts of productions qualitfy for the incentive program: films, TV shows, commercials, video games, animation, visual effects and extended reality.

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Bastrop Saves You More

Bastrop has taken Film Hospitality to the next level with our  "Film It Here" badge.  This symbol in shops and online will direct you to businesses that are film savy. They know about the State Tax Exemptions on purchases for films, just show them your state form and save 6.5%!

Some businesses also offer discounts and special deals. Go to our savings page for even more details on this great deal!

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Sales Tax Exemption


Save 6.5% in Bastrop and state wide by not paying sales tax on your production-related purchases. Click the star for more information and to download the form.

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Save 2.5%


Texas offers an additional saving for using underutilized areas.  Large parts of Bastrop county qualify for this incentive.  Click the star to learn more.

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Media Zone


Check out the benefits of moving your business to Bastrop.  Bastrop's Media Production zone offer tax breaks to production businesses.

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