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Our growing community of production professionals can get your project off the ground and help you have a great time working in Bastrop

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Production Directory

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To contact the listing please click on the camera. To see additional listings in the area that surrounds Bastrop click on the above star.

Art Direction

Gerald R Lehtola - Art direction, art department coordination, set dec and AD.

Elgin, Texas 818-726-8765


Gerald R Lehtola - Accounting

Elgin, Texas 818-726-8765

Animal Handler

Gracey Jarosek - Horses . IMDB LINK

Catering/Craft Services

Alls Well Catering, Jane Cook, Bastrop  512-304-5048

Kerry Fossler, Snack Shaman Craft Services 

Costume Designer

Patricia Wolf, Smithville, 512-237-3388, clothing designer


Conor McAnally, Bastrop, ConorMac Productions Inc

Michael Jones, Bastrop, Multi-media, documentary films, commercials, feature films


Dan Fouts, 661-965-0328

Joshua Helms, Bastrop, Editor, Director of Photography 512-287-1447

Sound/Audio Technician

Zachry Karisch, Bastrop 979-250-1541


969 Studios, Matt Hanger Bastrop  512-332-0060

also has office space, green screen and a back lot


Mike Gassaway, Stunts, martial arts, acting

Charlie Parrish

Transportation/car transport

Robert Rodriguez, 512-970-3029

Melissa Burger, Class A driver, 512-718-4128


Marc of Whirly Bird Aerial 512-560-2650

Mark of Bastrop Stories


10x7 Church, Cedar Creek, 512-293-7224

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