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Permits are Easy!

You Save Time and Money

Filming in Bastrop.

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Give me a call and I can get you all of the information you need to get the location permits you want.

Adena Lewis

Office of the Film Commissioner


Unlike the big cities you've worked in before, getting a permit to film in Bastrop county is easy and inexpensive.  Because of our Film Friendly training, we have a standard agreement already written up and we don't have to hold a bunch of meetings to get approvals.

You don't need permits to shoot on private property and we have a lot of that available to you out here.

Average Bastrop City permit fee: $25 to $500 a day


Average lead time: 2 days for commercials and episodic TV 

5 days for feature films.


City Personel support:

Police: $45 per officer per hour, 2-hour minimum, permitting for police is about a week.

Fire Department: permit $100, with a 48 hr lead up.  Firefighters on set are $100 per hour, 2-hour minimum for 2 firefighters.


We Work for You

When you shoot in the city limits of Bastrop our City Manager can help you!  If you need to bump up your shoot date, change locations at the last minute or need to make a deal on permit fees, we can take care of that quickly!

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Film on City Streets


We can help you get the shot you need.  Click here for the forms to film in Bastrop.  Give us a call for help closing streets for scenes that take more room or require entire blocks to be closed for shooting.

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Permit Form


Click on the star to go to Bastrop's very simple form. This link also contains the information you'll need to understand how to set up your shoot in Bastrop.  We've made it very easy for you with our Film Friendly program.  

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You can travel the world and never leave Bastrop county.  Click over to our locations page to see the wide variety of places to film.  

McKinney Roughs

Nature Park

Run by the Lower Colorado River Authority, McKinney Roughs has zip lines, lodging, an amphitheater and some unique outdoor spaces.  Permits start at $1,000 per day.

Contact: John Gillen (512) 303-5073

Texas State Parks

Bastrop County has two amazing state parks.   Permits for simple productions can be as little as $5 per person per day,  with lots of room to park and set up.  

Contact:  Cullen Sartor, Bastrop Site Manager (512) 237-2241

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