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Oh Give Me a Home


And No Income Tax to Pay!


There's something about Texas that's good for your soul.  Maybe it's the fresh air or the wide-open spaces.  Perhaps it's the genuine, kind, helpful people you find here.  It could be the front porches, sweet tea, and long sunsets.

Bastrop has the best of all worlds. With sunny skies 300 days a year and just 20 minutes from Austin International Airport, you can live and work with open spaces, endless skies, and fresh air while being a quick flight from anywhere in the world.

Why not enjoy your work and your life.  Bring your business to Bastrop!

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Live Here

Live Here

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Work Here

Move Here!

Advantages to having your business in Bastrop:

  • No personal income tax

  • No corporate income tax

  • Right to work state

  • Streamlined permitting and fee waiver grants

  • State sales and use tax exemptions

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Move your business here...alpaca your bags!

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