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Talk about easy to get to!  Bastrop is less than half an hour from Austin International Airport; with direct, non-stop flights to LA, New York, Chicago, Seattle, London, Paris, and more.

You don't need to spend hours in traffic getting in and out of Bastrop.  The drive from downtown Bastrop to the airport is 24 easy miles. Because you are already south of the city of Austin, you're already past the intense traffic, and since you're heading east you can basically avoid all of the congestion.

Camp Wyldwood
Event center with camping on the Colorado River
Spiderwood Studios and Backlot
New Republic Studios has three sound stages and over 200 acres
Bastrop State Park
Camp sites, remote looking cabins, Loblolly pines and peaceful lake make this a great place to film.
Vintage Small Town Grocery
Located in the city of Bastrop this charming grocery store is a perfect location
We Slaughter BBQ
The location of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Lost Pines Art Center
This modern and spacious art gallery is located in the historic section of downtown Bastrop. Lots of parking available for set up.
Main Street USA
Downtown Bastrop's historic Main Street is ideal Americana
Pueblito Viejo
Need a cantina on the beach? You can get that right here in Bastrop county!
Jerry Fay Wilhelm Performing Arts Ce
Modern performing arts theater with seating for 1500 people. Ample parking for cast and crew.
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Bastrop is home to the "Lost Pines," a 13 Mile strip of unique Loblolly Pines that can represent the Pacific Northwest, the Deep South, or even Northeastern states like Maine and Massachusetts.


Remember, permit fees at state parks are very affordable and they can help you with short deadlines!

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Bastrop, Texas has over 225 sunny days a year making it one of the sunniest cities in the USA.  Oh, and we have some of the most gorgeous sunsets on the planet.  They go on and on so the "golden hour" for shooting is more like 3 hours. 

38 miles of the Colorado River run through Bastrop County.  Beautiful from every angle, this river is lined with open fields, stately homes, and pine trees offering a huge variety of filming options. 

Need a bit of history in your film?  We've got that too!  Going back in time is easy here. From beautiful 19th century mansions to classic dogtrot cabins, Bastrop can get you what you need.  You can choose from historic courthouses, sprawling ranches and epic town squares all ready to go!

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Lost Pines Art Center

This modern and spacious art gallery is located in the historic section of downtown Bastrop. Lots of parking available for set up.

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