Bastrop Businesses Support Film 

Save Money 

get more for your money  from local shops and restaurants

In Bastrop Film Hospitality means more than just friendly service, it also means savings!

Click on the badge to learn more about our local savings program.  You'll find deals on food, lodging, and more.  And all merchants with this logo understand the production tax exemption, so you can simply bring in your paperwork and save 6.5%.

Restaurant and Catering Deals

Deals on Hotels and BnBs

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Permits cost less in Bastrop.  Sometimes they cost nothing at all.  Click on the star to learn more about how easy and inexpensive permitting is here.

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Texas Film Friendly


Bastrop County has lots of Film Friendly communities, with trained staff who can help you with permits, locations, and more!

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Need crew or supplies?  Check out our directory and don't forget about the sales tax exemption when you purchase items for your production, both during the shoot and for post-production.  

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