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 Twenty minutes east of Austin International Airport, Bastrop Texas is your one-stop-shop for filmmaking.  With rolling hills, lakes, rivers, epic pine trees, small-town charm, and a big city film studio, you might be surprised how much filming you can do in one place.  You'll save time and money shooting in Bastrop. 

Great Film Facts About Bastrop:

  • With over 225 sunny days a year, Bastrop is one of the sunniest cities in the USA.

  • Bastrop County is about 900 sq. miles, with a wide variety of terrain from rolling hills to flat plains, and soaring pine trees to raging rivers and lakes.

  • Bastrop is home to New Republic Studios, which sits on 200 acres and has 3 soundstages!

  • With hundreds of films shot on location in Bastrop, we have the experience to help you make your best production ever.


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Bastrop is home to an amazing studio.  New Republic sits on 200 acres right on the Colorado River and has 3 sound stages, 2700 sq ft of office space, a cafeteria, viewing rooms, and much more.

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Stay Here


We have a lot of great places to stay right here in Bastrop county.  From a 5 star resort and quality hotels to cozy BnB's, not only do we offer quality accommodations,    we also have discounts for filmmakers and crews. Click the star to see what's avaiable.

Texas Incentives
Texas film and production incentives offer a wide variety of ways to save money on your next production.  From rebates of up to 20% to sales tax exemptions and tax free fuel for off-road use (like generators), your dollar goes farther in Texas.
You can save a lot of money shooting in Bastrop.  We've streamlined the approval  process and can work with tight deadlines.  Click on the star to see permit rates and requirements.  You'll be glad you did.
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