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The Bottom Line is

There's More To Making Movies

than just incentives

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"Sara Seligman, co-writer and director of the forthcoming Austin-shot border thriller Coyote Lake, said that shooting in Bastrop, just outside Austin, meant a dollar that stretched further than expected, somewhat balancing out the incentive issue: “Although we didn’t have access to the tax incentives we were able to save by shooting in Texas, which was amazing because the town [of Bastrop] itself has so much character!”"

-from an article by Ron Stewart

Moviemaker Magazine, Jan 2019

Texas Has Great Film Incentives That Include:


Incentive rebates of 5% to 22.5% that start at a $250,000 budget.


5% to 10% rebates for commercial shoots starting at $100,000 budget.


5% to 10% rebates for reality TV programs that have a starting budget of $250,000.

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Filming in Bastrop can Save More Money

The little things really add up.  And these savings are instant, you don't have to fill out forms and wait for your money to come back.

All productions are exempt from sales and use tax.  So when you buy camera equipment or lumber you save 8.25%.

Say you spend $50,000 on various production needs you'll save over $4000. 

There's no income tax in Texas,  this puts downward pressure on employment costs so you can save on crew costs compared to Los Angeles, Georgia, and New York.

New Republic Studios offers rates on a sliding scale and can work with any budget, big or small.  Since 2017 NRS has been the backdrop for over 160 productions.

Union rates are lower because Bastrop is considered a non-production city. (save 5%) Texas is a Right To Work State so you can save money on crew and talent by employing both union and non-union talent and crew. (>3%)

Permits are significantly cheaper and easier to get in Bastrop. In LA you have to get a permit for everything, even private property.  Not in Texas.  Permits in Bastrop range from free to $150, and private property is negotiated directly with the owner.

Over 40% of Bastrop County is considered by the state to be underutilized area and qualifies for a rebate.

Hotel Tax Exemption for stays longer than 30 days.  

Bastrop is the Film Hospitality Capital of Texas


In 2018 we were honored to receive this recognition from the state. Not only does it recognize the hard work of our experienced film liaisons and commissions, it also means savings for you!


Look for this badge at businesses around Bastrop county to find extra savings and easily use your tax-exempt status.

Click on the badge for more information.

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Bastrop is right in the middle of everything you need.  Click on the star to see why our location saves you time and money.

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Film Friendly


We are ready and equipped to help filmmakers get what they need to make their production a success.  From permits to location scouting, we can help.

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Media Zone


Check out the benefits of moving your business to Bastrop. Our unique Media Production zone offers tax breaks to production-related businesses.

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