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In 2018 the state of Texas honored Bastrop with the title "Film Hospitality Capital of Texas"  officially recognizing the hard work of our dedicated professionals who have served the creative teams of hundreds of movies filmed in Bastrop County. 

Bastrop has a long history of making great entertainment, and while that may seem like it's all about us, it's really all about you!


We truly love supporting filmmakers and have established a work ethic in our neck of the woods that says, "How can we help?"

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50 years of


We have the know-how you need.

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Filmed in Bastrop!

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We Help You Save $

Bastrop has taken Film Hospitality to the next level with our  "Film It Here" badge.  This symbol in shops and online will direct you to businesses that are film savy. They know about the State Tax Exemptions on purchases for films.  Just show them your state form and save 6.5%!

Some businesses also offer discounts and special deals. Go to our savings page for even more details on this great deal!


Bastrop also has an amazing production studio.  Spiderwood Studios sits on 163 acres, has 1.5 miles along the Colorado River and three purpose built soundstages.  It is also the new home of the Austin Art Institute!

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