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You want to film in Bastrop, Texas for lots of reasons!


Twenty minutes east of Austin International Airport, Bastrop Texas is your one-stop-shop for filmmaking.  With rolling hills, lakes, rivers, epic pine trees, small-town charm, and a big city film studio you might be surprised how much filming you can do in one place.  You'll save time and money shooting in Bastrop. 


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You've Seen Us!

Some of your favorite movies and TV shows have filmed in Bastrop.

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Save Money


Take advantage of film incentives, package deals, and the overall low cost of doing business in Texas.  Our film liaison can connect you to locations, crews and companies who have already agreed on discount rates and packages for film makers.

Film Liaison
This is your personal contact to all the information   you need while you are filming in Bastrop.  Your liaison will ensure you're staying on budget and feeling comfortable and happy while you're here.
Bastrop is only 20 minutes from Austin International Airport and home to the amazing Hyatt Resort at Lost Pines.  It's also the home of 969 Studios a multi-media studio with three sound stages on 200 acres.
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